NES CARGO Management and Staff convenes to discuss plans, operations and preventive measures to better serve our clients.


*    Marketing   & Consolidation


            Our Marketing and Consolidation Team solicit accounts for the company.


Accounting Department


Money matters such as billings, payments and collections are being handled by our Accounting Department.


*    Logistics Department


Our Logistics department handles documentations, processing of entries, accreditations and permits, customs clearances and release of shipments from the Customs Zone as well as trucking   (pick-up and delivery of goods) coordination and supervision.


Import Forwarding  Department


Containerized shipments consigned to NES Cargo are being documented and manifested, then turned over to each consignee by issuance of delivery order.


Export Forwarding  Department


All outbound shipments are being issued Bills of lading / airway bills which will then be turned over to shippers who will send the negotiable documents to their respective consignees.


HRD/ Administration  Department


Finding the right people for the right job, training of personnel and office administration concerns are being handled by HRD/Admin. Department.

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